Bakaluba Robert

“I am Bakaluba Robert from Uganda, East Africa. I leave in a small suburb in the outskirts of the capital city Kampala. I grew up with my mother who through struggling (selling fruits and grocery on the streets of the capital) managed to pay for my school fees up to secondary level. I started up my first business (selling yellow bananas from place to place in our village) after senior six at age 18. Later I started helping some children whom I found needy. I brought these kids to where my mother used to rent, however, later my business could not go on after the city council deemed hawking illegal. Then I started to solicit funds from well-wishers and also finding petty jobs; like digging and fetching water (which is common here; but for the unemployed) to support my mother and the 15 children I had brought along. I thank my mother for being there for me and teaching me to put God first in everything I do. Even though she no longer works, she prays for me day and night. I have passion for young kids, my heart cries when I see a young one suffering therefore I have dedicated my life to serving vulnerable children and elderly.”